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The PQS-302 is based on our PQS-402 and is designed to enable the quality of reproduction provided by its much larger stable-mate to be enjoyed in medium sized rooms. It is an exceptional loudspeaker, producing realistic and detailed three-dimensional stereo imaging, excellent dynamics and of course our trademark fast, deep and well-controlled bass. Naturally it also offers the finesse and transparency that all German Physiks loudspeakers are famous for. It combines these attributes with the ability to produce sound levels up to 112dB.

The PQS-302 uses two DDD drivers and two 8-inch long-throw woofers to provide the exceptional dynamics that enhance the sense of listening to a real performance
The PQS-302 uses two DDD drivers to provide a very wide dynamic range, while retaining their excellent transparency and resolution. The DDD drivers cover the range from 170Hz to 24kHz, eliminating the mid-band crossover point found in conventional designs. Combined with a new bass system design, this gives improved clarity, revealing more of the music‘s subtle nuances. It goes without saying that the PQS-302 also offers the finesse that all German Physiks loudspeakers are famous for. Even more impressive is that it combines these attributes with an ability to produce output levels up to 112dB for a more realistic recreation of live-music like dynamics. This is why the leading German high-end audio magazine Stereoplay has been using the PQS-302 as its reference loudspeakers since 2010.

Fast And Extended Bass
The outward appearance of the PQS-302 bass system is similar to that of the PQS-402. Two bass cabinets are mounted one on top of the other and stand between a top and a bottom plate. None of these components is attached to the other using screws or any form of hard connection. Instead they are held together by a system of interlocking collars. This combined with the fact that the two cabinets have different weights, as do the top and bottom plates, means that resonances are reduced to negligible levels compared to a solid structure.

A Different Approach
In order to obtain a bass response with the required speed and extension, we could not simply scale down the PQS-402 design, so we have employed a totally different approach. Each cabinet houses a single 8-inch woofer mounted on one of the forward faces, with a reflex port on the other. This provides bass with the high speed necessary to match the DDD driver, whilst also producing a well controlled and balanced response down to 26Hz.

Dane techniczne

4 ohms

Frequency response
26 – 24,000Hz

Power handling
Nominal 400W
Short term 700W

Amplification required
Passive operation Minimum 150W/4 ohms
With active crossover 2 power amplifiers per channel
DDD section minimum power 140W/4ohms
Woofer section minimum power 140W/4 ohms

Crossover frequency

Crossover slope
DDD section 12dB/octave electronic & 21dB/octave acoustic
Woofer section 18dB/octave electronic & 24dB/octave acoustic

High frequency adjustment
-2dB, flat, +2dB and +4dB starting at 8,000Hz

Low frequency adjustment
Flat, +10dB, +5db and +4dB centred at 58Hz

87.7 dB for 1W at 1m

Maximum output level

Operating principle
2-way loudspeaker with 360° surround radiation
using the German Physiks DDD driver

Input connectors
2 sets of WBT nextgen™ binding posts

2 x carbon fibre DDD drivers
2 x 8-inch woofers

Recommended room size
25 - 100 square metres
264 – 1,267 square feet

Finish options
Satin or high polish veneer
High polish polyester black or white
Satin or high polish paint
Carbon fibre

530mm W x 1,400mm H x 730mm D
20.9" W x 55.1" H x 28.7" D

115kg / 253lbs

5 years

As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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