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The PQS-100 Plus uses a single carbon fibre DDD driver combined with a downward firing 6-inch woofer. It is physically compact, making it ideal for stereo systems in smaller rooms. It can also be used in 5.1 systems where its excellent bass response obviates the need for a sub-woofer.

THE PQS-100 Plus is a small, but highly versatile loudspeaker that can offer excellent sound in a wide range of applications
Versatility With Musicality
Like all German Physiks loudspeakers, PQS-100 Plus can produce detailed and realistic stereo images, which can be enjoyed by many listeners from a wide range of positions within the room. This is especially useful in home theatre applications. This also makes the PQS-100 Plus well suited for use in galleries, shops and other public places where very high quality sound is required and the sound source must be unobtrusive.

Despite its compact size, the PQS-100 Plus produces fast, clean and agile bass, which makes the listener think that a much larger loudspeaker is being played. The high quality of the bass is matched by the performance provided by the DDD driver. This gives the excellent speed, dynamics and resolution that German Physiks loudspeakers are famous for and helps to produce the sense of reality that is the essence of a musical performance.

Versatile Mounting Options
The PQS-100 Plus may either be mounted on the optional PQS-Plus stands, or attached directly on to the wall. The latter is especially convenient when the PQS-100 Plus is used in 5.1 systems.

Excellent Driver Integration
A problem with multi-way loudspeakers is how to integrate the drivers so that the listener is not conscious of different parts of the audio range coming from different parts of the loudspeaker. The PQS-100 Plus solves this problem in three ways. Firstly, its carbon fibre DDD driver covers the range from 120Hz to 24,000Hz, so the vast majority of the audio range is covered by just one driver. Secondly, the woofer is physically located very close to the DDD driver, which makes the two drivers appear as one source. Thirdly, by making the woofer fire downwards, its radiation pattern more closely matches the omnidirectional pattern of the DDD driver.

Dane techniczne

4 ohms

Frequency response
45– 24,000Hz

Power handling
Nominal 190W
Short term 290W peak

Amplification required
Minimum 70W/4 ohms

Crossover frequency

Crossover slope
DDD section 6dB/octave electronic & 18dB/octave acoustic
Woofer section 12dB/octave electronic & 18dB/octave acoustic

86dB for 1W at 1m

Operating principle
2-way loudspeaker with 360° surround radiation
using the German Physiks DDD driver

Input connectors
1 set of WBT nextgen™ binding posts

1 x carbon fibre DDD driver
1 x 6-inch woofer

Carbon fibre and Nextel

PQS-100 Plus
267mm W x 510mm H x 310mm D
10.5" W x 20.0" H x 12.2" D
PQS-Plus Stand
326mm W x 1,100mm H x 370mm D
12.8" W x 43.3" H x 14.6" D

PQS-100 Plus 21.0kg / 46.2lbs
PQS-Plus Stand 10.2kg / 22.4lbs

5 years

As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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