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The Emperor MK II is based on our flagship Gaudi design. It uses the Gaudi’s moveable four DDD driver array, combined with two 12-inch woofers and four 6-inch long-throw sub-woofers. It is supplied with the new German Physiks Emperor Extreme digital crossover to allow it to be tri-amped, enabling the full potential of this outstanding design to be realized. It provides exceptional detail with live-music like dynamics and sound levels, thereby bringing the listener closer to the reality of a live performance.

The Emperor MK II allows music lovers to enjoy Gaudi levels of performance in rooms that would not accommodate its bigger stable-mate
Although physically smaller than the Gaudi, the Emperor MK II is still a big loudspeaker, with all the advantages that brings. Its massive bass system produces well-controlled and clean bass all the way down to 18Hz, but is agile enough to integrate perfectly with the speed of the DDD drivers. The coherence of the DDD drivers allows the Emperor to generate very detailed and life like stereo images. This, combined with the ability to produce “live music” like dynamics and sound levels (up to 117dB), enables the Emperor to reproduce the emotion and immediacy of the music and so create a very strong impression that you are listening to real musicians, rather than a hi-fi system.

User Adjustable DDD Driver Array
The Emperor uses the same four DDD driver array as the Gaudi. This is mounted on a telescopic arm, which is driven by linear actuators, enabling it to be precisely positioned in relation to listener, making the set-up process quicker and easier.

Powerful Bass System
Like the Gaudi, the Emperor uses four large independent bass enclosures. These are mounted two either side of the main support and are held together by an interlocking collar arrangement. This greatly reduces resonances and also makes the columns more difficult to topple. The enclosures on one side each house a 12-inch sub-woofer and cover the range from 70Hz to 18Hz. The enclosures on the other side each house two 6-inch metal cone drivers and cover the range from 180Hz to 70Hz. The bass they provide has the ideal balance of speed and weight to seamlessly merge with the DDD drivers and also ensure that there is no smearing of the music’s timing or pace.

Dane techniczne

4 ohms

Frequency response
18 - 24,000Hz

Power handling
Nominal 1,050W
Short term 1,550W

Amplification required
With passive crossover
3 power amplifiers per channel
DDD section minimum power 200W/4ohms
Woofer section minimum power 200W/4 ohms
Sub-woofer section minimum power 250W/4ohms

Crossover frequencies
180Hz & 70Hz

88.8dB for 1W at 1m

Maximum output level

Operating principle
3-way loudspeaker with 360° radiation
using the DDD drive

4 x carbon fibre DDD drivers
2 x 12-inch sub-woofers
4 x 6-inch woofers

1010mm (W) x 1960mm (H) x 810mm (D) - excl motor & DDD
39.8" (W) x 77.2" (H) x 31.9" (D) - excl motor & DDD

Approx 425kg each
Approx 935lbs each

5 years

As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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