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The Unicorn, as its name suggests is a very rare animal: a single driver loudspeaker that covers the full audio range. It uses a single carbon fibre DDD driver to cover the full range from 24kHz all the way down to 40Hz. The bass has a speed and smoothness of integration with the rest of the audio range that we have yet to hear bettered. The overall clarity, coherence and finesse the Unicorn provides make it a dream for lovers of vocal, jazz and classical music. It is also capable of surprising rock music fans.

The unusual look of the German Physiks Unicorn MK II is dictated by the way it works
Form Follows Function
The Unicorn’s single DDD driver sits on top of a cabinet that houses a sophisticated horn system. Above about 200Hz the DDD driver radiates the sound directly, as it does on all other German Physiks loudspeakers. Below this, low frequency energy radiated from below the DDD driver is coupled to the horn system. This allows the low frequency response to be extended down to below 40Hz, however the speed and clarity of the bass gives the impression of even greater extension.

Using just one driver, the result is a loudspeaker with the exceptional resolution, speed and 3-dimensional stereo imaging we have come to expect from all German Physiks designs, plus an outstandingly clean and dynamic bass from the horn system. Bass, wind and string instruments are reproduced with a degree of fidelity rarely heard outside of the concert hall. If you are a horn loudspeaker aficionado, this could be the loudspeaker that you have been waiting for.

Ultra Fast Low Distortion Bass
Considerable work went into designing the Unicorn’s horn system. The final design comprises a high gain horn coupled with a tuned bass trap. The bass trap keeps mid-frequency energy out of the horn. This would otherwise lead to smearing due to time differences between the DDD driver’s direct radiation and the horn, as well as cause a bump in the mid frequency response. To achieve a completely even frequency response in the transition region, a small amount of equalisation is applied to the input signal by a network which is housed in a separate case. The excellent qualities the DDD driver shows in its normal mode of operation are exhibited in the bass produced by the horn. It is fast, agile and extremely clean. There is no hint of bloat or overhang and distortion is impressively low.

Dane techniczne

4 ohms

Frequency Response
40 – 24,000Hz

Power Handling
Nominal 100W
Short term 140W

Amplification required
Minimum 60W/4 ohms

High frequency adjustment
-2dB, flat, +2dB and +4dB starting at 8,000Hz

Low frequency adjustment
Flat, +1.0dB, +2.0db and +3.5dB centred at 60Hz

88.0 dB for 1W at 1m

Operating principle
Full range loudspeaker with 360° surround radiation
using the German Physiks DDD driver

Input connectors
1 set of WBT nextgen™ binding post

1 x carbon fibre DDD drive

Recommended room size
8 - 46 square metres
84 – 486 square feet

Finish options
Satin or high polish veneer
High polish polyester black or white
Satin or high polish paint
Carbon fibre
Please see Finishes page for more information

550mm W x 1,241mm H x 460mm D
21.7" W x 48.9" H x 18.1" D
Network housing
270mm W x 173mm H x 230mm D
10.6" W x 6.8" H x 9.1" D

Loudspeaker 56.0kg / 123.2lbs
Network housing 4.4kg / 9.7lbs

5 years

As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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