Przedwzmacniacz FL PRE

25 000 PLN

Audia Flight PRE MK3 preamplifier is the perfect interface between source component and the power amplifier.

The new reference quality Audia Flight PRE MK3 is designed for complete neutrality, allowing all the nuances and ambience in the music to shine through. Audia Flight PRE MK3 preamplifier is the perfect interface between source component and the power amplifier. Incorporating the excellent Audia Flight circuit design, highest quality volume control, and cabinet interior layout with isolation between key stages, the Audia Flight PRE MK3 exhibits complete transparency and lowest possible noise. The high current, Class A output stage, separate power supply for each channel and one for the logic control, the high quality input selector and constant impedance volume control, provides an extended frequency response, tonal accuracy and wide soundstage.

If so much are the factors that make difficult the design of an amplifier, even more are those affecting the design of a preamplifier.
In a HI – END chain, the preamplifier should be as much transparent as possible, to be able to interface every power amplifier, to be as quietest as possible, and so forth…

Audia Flight PRE MK3 combines the merits of AUDIA FLIGHT circuit design based on the local feedback and the trans-conductance amplification, the use of a constant impedance attenuator with 0.5 dB steps and a chassis designed to get an a total separation among every stages, still keeping a single cabinet.

The cabinet plays a fundamental role in the realization of a preamplifier since its structure (and the corresponding placement of the boards) helps to fix the degree on immunity against external noises and of interaction among different internal stages.
In a preamplifier is also very important the shielding of audio boards with respect to transformers, since the stray flux could be “detected” and amplified by sensitive stages.
Audia Flight PRE MK3 is a single cabinet unit (the hypothesis of designing a “two chassis” unit has been left out for two main reasons: the problems connected with installation and encumbrance and the question of the alimentation cable that could have reached “worrying” length), however the internal volume is strategically divided to suppress interference, with the horizontal partition placed at half height. In the lower section are placed the three toroidal transformers into a secondary shield metal box and the main supply board, whereas in the upper section is placed the main audio board.
A massive sheet of damping material is stuck under the upper cover plate.
Since the Audia Flight PRE MK3 is microprocessor controlled, the control board is placed behind the front panel and it is closed in its proper volume in a metallic shell.
The cabinet is completely made of aluminium and has been made exclusively by means of Numerical Control (NC) units and laser machines; the front panel is realized starting from an aluminium ingot 25 mm – thick and worked out by means of NC micro millers.

Input 2 balanced XLR / 4 unbalanced RCA
Gain range -90 dB / +10 dB
Gain resolution 0.5 dB
Frequency response (1W rms -3dB) 3 Hz ÷ 1 MHz
Slew-Rate (on 8 ohm) > 200 V/μS
THD < 0,05 %
S/N Ratio 95 dB
Input impedance 680pF Unbalanced 51 Kohm
Balanced 30 Kohm
Output impedance Unbalanced 12 ohm
Balanced 50 ohm
Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 100, 110-115, 220-230,240 V
Power consumption 60 W
Dimensions and weigth 420x113x380mm (wxhxd) – 12 Kg
Shipping dimensions and weigth 570x270x540mm (wxhxd) – 15 Kg